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Nectar — Group of FinTech companies

We stand for innovation in finance and technology since 2010.

Helping professionals in the finance industry and beyond to make superior decisions decisions based on emerging technologies.

"No man is better than a machine, no machine is better than a man with a machine" — Paul Tudor Jones

Nectar provides the best of both worlds: Bringing together robust data extraction technology with the most modern tools to analyse the ever growing pool of available data.

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Nectar Group

The unique combination and processing of data.

Nectar Analytics

Turning structured and unstructured data into key assets for a wide range of clients.

We offer a modular value chain from data categorization, extraction and validated delivery for our own or external data.

We combine data extraction technologies based on natural language processing with proven methods to then interpret various data sets with predictive analytics.


To manage your risk, scale operations, and make more informed decisions, you need to unlock the data in your documents. Our document extraction technologies enable you to quickly extract the answers you need, so you can make faster, better decisions.


A simple yet powerful toolbox, digesting both news analytics (i.e.sentiment) and AI based trend analytics for various assets. A smart and intuitive toolset to foster better informed and more sustainable financial decisions.

Nectar Analytics

The best source of alternative returns, globally.


Offering the benefits and combined power from a leading investors community.

The cloud-based Fundbase platform hosts the complete investment process for high-conviction alternative investments for investors and managers. Built as a two-sided marketplace it is one of the most engaged communities in the alternatives space.

Discover the Best, not the Most.

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Nectar and NASA Holding BV announce the launch of quantmate, a smart investment platform based on quantitative and alternative data. Supported by a strong founder team, quantmate follows our vision to make artificial intelligence (AI) available to every investor. Press Release


Successful sale of alternative asset subsidiary Fundbase and focus on further development of pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning based tools for financial decision making and beyond. Press Release


Evolution of offering and strategy, renaming into Nectar Analytics with a clear focus on partnering with professional investors and other important decision makers for better outcomes.


Spin-off of investment part as Nectar Digital Wealth with a clear focus to help money managers boost performance and margins.

Launch of first proprietary investment product: Smart Alternatives.


Launch of Nectar Lab with the aim to build an investment process based on in-depth knowledge, innovative science and technology.


Rebranding into Nectar Financial, emphasis on developing proprietary and automated processes further, based on technology.


Launch of Fundbase.com, a leading platform for alternative investments.


Founded as Etops AG, focusing on supporting wealth and asset managers in the areas of middle and back office outsourcing.

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