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Investment Decisions in a Portfolio Context. Scientific. Based on AI.

Why? Performance. Solutions for difficult markets. Enhanced margins.

Performance is a key asset in markets that require consistent risk management. It is important to look beyond investment costs and to take investment decisions in a portfolio context. We use science and AI to manage broadly and globally diversified investments that deliver consistent and stable performance.

How? Bringing together man and machine.

Our front-to-back investment engine respects your inputs and the restrictions of your clients. We let you focus on your investment team's specialities, market views and clients, our engine does the heavy lifting of scanning global markets and securities to build and manage optimal and intelligent portfolios. Our B2B-partners insource the leading digital wealth management process customised for their needs and become a digital wealth manager of the new generation. 

Nectar Digital Wealth

Market leading investment technology.

Ready and being rolled out.

Revolutionary investment engine

"No man is better than a machine, no machine is better than a man with a machine" (Paul Tudor Jones).

We have developed an investment engine that supports money managers to build and manage intelligent and performing portfolios. Based on proprietary physics and natural science, on expected performance/risk-distributions and a forward looking proprietary re-balancing model. Self-learning, daily.

Watch the following video to learn more about our investment approach:

Approach Video

Access for money managers

User-friendly access for money managers through modern technology. Respects and learns from human input, and serves as the investment co-pilot on a daily basis.

Mobile access for end clients

Sexy app for discretionary and advisory clients, including compliance and straight-through processing models. Implementable as a fully white-labelled solution.

Investment Engine

Far more than a software:

we deliver risk-adjusted return for money managers and their end-clients.

Managed Products

Our best ideas, wrapped into ready-to-invest proprietary products.

Tailored Products

Your best ideas, your investment strategy and custom restrictions as well as views, managed by our team and our investment engine.

Discretionary Portfolios

Trade vectors and modular portfolios. Maximise performance and minimize drawdowns, tailored to your model portfolios and clients. MiFID II / regulatory compliant, and sensitive to your CIO inputs and outlook, wrapped into jointly issued portfolio building blocks.

Investment Solutions

Proprietary Products

Investment Decisions in a Portfolio Context. Scientific. Based on AI.

At Nectar

We apply the most advanced technology to date combined with our in-depth experience in optimising risk-adjusted investment returns.

Why proprietary products?

We believe that every saver deserves access to broadly and globally diversified investments and building blocks that help to improve risk-adjusted returns, starting already with low minimum amounts. In case we do not find such products to build intelligent portfolios, we provide them ourselves:

Smart Alternatives

Smart Private Debt

B2B platform for your own branded proprietary products

Create your own AMC, co-managed by Nectar's AI based investment engine:

Smart AMCs

Proprietary Products


Spin-off of investment part as Nectar Digital Wealth with a clear focus to help money managers boost performance and margins.

Launch of first proprietary investment product: Smart Alternatives.


Launch of Nectar Lab with the aim to build an investment process based on in-depth knowledge, innovative science and technology.


Rebranding into Nectar Financial, emphasis on developing proprietary and automated processes further, based on technology.


Launch of Fundbase.com, a leading platform for alternative investments.


Founded as Etops AG, focusing on supporting wealth and asset managers in the areas of middle- and back-office outsourcing.

Company History


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At Nectar

Our team consists of experts from a variety of fields like Financial Services, Banking, Technology and Investing.

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Become part of our team, we are constantly seeking for motivated and self-driven talents who share our vision.

Andreas Gilgen
Head Investments
Giacomo Miceli
Head Research
Marek Stanczyk
Software Engineer
Vladimir Sec
Product Manager
Michael Appenzeller
CEO and Co-Founder
Etienne Baume
Teamlead Tech & Product Management
Niloo Verma Bruppacher
General Counsel
Neil Stiefel
CFO, Head of Sales & Marketing, Co-Founder
Lucia Mesarosova
Client Onboarding
Shane Murphy
Product Manager
Stefan Demuth
Chief of Staff and Deputy CEO
Astrid Hauser
Office Manager
Srdjan Perendija
Investment Analyst
Felix Waldermann
Head Investment Solutions



2019.04.15 — Zurich, Switzerland

Finews Article

Auf diese Schweizer Fintechs sollte man achten...

Nectar unter den top-100 der innovativsten Firmen im WealthTech Bereich Finews.ch

2019.04.01 — Zurich, Switzerland

Interview - CNN Money Switzerland

Trading: Man and the Machine instead of Man vs Machine...

Interview with Michael Appenzeller on cnnmoney.ch

2019.03.15 — Zurich, Switzerland

Launching Smart Private Debt AMC


Broad diversified basket of private debt investments

6-8% return expectation p.a. in EUR

Low volatility, no correlation to equities and bonds


2019.02.11 — Zurich, Switzerland

Smart Alternatives AMC

Performance Update

Nectar publishes the January 2019 performance estimate for the Nectar Smart Alternatives AMC:

Performance January 2019: 1.56%

Performance since inception*: 4.48%

*Inception on March 1, 2018.

The Fund of Funds Index is down -2.96% in the same period.

Outperformance vs. Fund of Funds Index 7.44%.


2019.02.04 — Zurich, Switzerland

Nectar Lab Update

Nectar Investment Approach

Monday morning session on the key developments on our approach to build intelligent portfolios.

2019.01.30 — Zurich, Switzerland

Invest in or use modern technology?

Panel at Finanz'19

Nectar Lab head Peter Button outlines at the Finanz'19 at an interesting panel discussion the importance of not just following investment opportunities in the areas of AI, big-data, et al, but to rather stat to use these new approaches when taking investment decisions in a portfolio context. Enter into a discussion with us here

2019.01.22 — In the news

Media Clipping - Finews

Börsengurus – eine vom Aussterben bedrohte Spezies

Finews discussing the trend towards providers such as Nectar. Find out more (in German) at https://www.finews.ch/themen/guruwatch/34954-guru-boerse-carmignac-faber-buffett-aktivisten-ki-nectar

2019.01.11 — Zurich, Switzerland

Smart Alternatives AMC

January 2019 mtd Performance Update

Nectar publishes the month-to-date January 2019 performance estimate for the Nectar Smart Alternatives AMC:

Mtd performance through 17 January 2019: 0.90%

Performance since inception*: 3.81%

*Inception on March 1, 2018.


2019.01.11 — Zurich, Switzerland

Smart Alternatives AMC

Performance Update

Nectar publishes the December 2018 performance estimate for the Nectar Smart Alternatives AMC:

Performance December 2018: -0.51%

Performance since inception*: 2.90%

*Inception on March 1, 2018.

The Fund of Funds Index is down -5.45% in the same period.

Outperformance vs. Fund of Funds Index 8.35%.


2018.12.20 — Zurich, Switzerland

Smart Alternatives AMC Peers

Portfolio stability and high returns

Only a few alternative multi-manager strategies positively stand out of the crowd with positive ytd performance in 2018, Nectar Smart Alternatives AMC is one of them (number 6 of 90 strategies).
A great way to finish the year and to wish all our clients, prospects and friends a wonderful Holiday Season and a healthy 2019!

2018.12.12 — Zurich, Switzerland

Smart Alternatives AMC

Performance Update

Nectar publishes the November 2018 performance estimate for the Nectar Smart Alternatives AMC:

Performance November 2018: -0.21%
Performance since inception*: 3.40%

*Inception on March 1, 2018. The Fund of Funds Index is down -3.62% in the same period. Outperformance vs. Fund of Funds Index 7.02%.

Find out more at nectarfinancial.com/smartalternatives

2018.12.01 — Zurich, Switzerland

Smart AMC

Launch of Smart AMC platform

We are live with Smart AMC, our digital platform for EAMs, family offices and banks to generate their own AMC, managed by our investment engine based on AI, machine learning and big data. Performance for everybody. Open source.

Read more at smartamc.ch

2018.11.26 — In the news

Media Clipping - Finews

Nectar lanciert Plattform für Zertifikate

Find out more at finews.ch/news/

2018.11.25 — Zurich, Switzerland

Nectar Lab

Our team at an inspiring update session today regarding the latest developments of the Nectar Lab.

Reach out for an exchange with us, always welcome.

2018.11.03 — Zurich, Switzerland

Interview - CNN Money Switzerland

For investment decisions, who do you trust: humans or machines?

Our efforts to generate value for our clients and the good results continue to catch media attention. Watch this video on CNN Switzerland.

Watch the full video at cnnmoney.ch

2018.11.01 — Zurich, Switzerland

Investment Process

How our proprietary investment process supports us in managing Nectar Smart Alternatives and Nectar Smart Credit. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, combined with our highly experienced investment team.

Read more on LinkedIn

2018.10.20 — Zurich, Switzerland

Nectar Smart Investment Series

Introducing the newest solution of our Nectar Smart Investment Series at the first event in our Zurich office. More sessions to follow, where we take a deep-dive into our digital investment process and explain how our modules make sense in a portfolio context.

Reach out to pre-book a seat at the table for our luncheon session to be announced soon.

2018.09.30 — Zurich, Switzerland

Nectar in der neuesten Ausgabe der Schweizer Bank erwähnt

"...In Kooperation mit der Bank Julius Bär hat Nectar im Februar 2018 das erste aktiv verwaltete Zertifikat, die Nectar Smart Alternatives, emittiert. Das Beispiel zeigt, dass Asset-Management mit einem Plattform-Geschäftsmodell und modernster Technologie demokratisiert werden kann..."

Read the full article here

2018.09.22 — Zurich, Switzerland

USD Libor

What are some of the ways you are tackling the challenges of a low interest rate environment? Where are you finding opportunities to achieve stable USD Libor +5% returns?

Read the full article on LinkedIn

2018.09.21 — In the news

Media Clipping - Bilanz

Die Geldmaschine läuft wieder

Artikel in der Bilanz zum Thema Hedge Funds: bilanz.ch

2018.09.12 — In the news

Media Clipping - Finews

Nectar: Mit Künstlicher Intelligenz ins Anleihengeschäft

Find out more at finews.ch/news/

2018.08.29 — Zurich, Switzerland

Private Banking Visions in Mythenschloss

Finews Update about our developments.

Read the article at Finews.ch

2018.01.17 — In the news

Media Clipping - Finews

Nectar Financial: «Sie müssen viel mehr von uns erwarten»

Find out more at finews.ch/news/

2018.01.01 — Zurich, Switzerland

Nectar Vision

Watch the video here