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Only a few days and your actively managed certificate (AMC) is ready, with a Swiss ISIN. Together with you, we wrap the complete multi asset class spectrum into an outcome driven strategy. What is special about this? Nectar makes its proprietary technology and data insights from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning available for EAMs, family offices and banks, open source. A unique way for you to gain efficiency, to grow AUM and to improve revenues.

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Your product ready within days, with your branding and a Swiss ISIN

Open source access to big data, machine learning and active AI advise

Smart technology for slipstream management from setup to distribution

Smart technology for slipstream management from setup to distribution



  • On-boarding of EAM, family office or bank, generate profile
  • Documentation setup
  • Select investment strategy for new AMC


  • Define investment universe and overall terms
  • Online account and factsheet setup
  • Issuance of Swiss ISIN and Note


  • Move existing assets and attract new clients
  • Position firm and AMCs on branded digital sales channel on (included)


  • Improved risk/return outcome based on digital investment engine
  • Transparent reporting vs. peers and indices

How it Works

Live Performance vs. Index

Challenge our ambition and see for yourself

Choose name and strategy for your fictive AMC along with a possible investment amount. Input your fee (max. 5%) and see how your sample AMC would have performed since 2015 using actual data: attractive returns combined with low volatility.



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About Smart AMC

YTD Results of your AMC?

Digital Investment Solutions

High-level Offering

Your Smart Strategy

You are the manager of the white-labelled AMC which invests in accordance with your asset allocation and risk guidelines considering your instrument universe

Nectar Smart Modules

Your AMC is a version of a Nectar Model Portfolio, i.e. Nectar Moderate, Balanced and Progressive (in CHF)

Nectar Smart Products

Your AMC or your clients invest in Nectar Smart Products:
• Nectar Smart Alternatives
• Nectar Smart Credit

We believe that every investor deserves access to solid, appropriate and professional investments. Our technology offering helps to achieve investment goals with more ease and solid robustness. It is now time to give this technology into your hands to enable you achieving your and your clients individual goals.

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